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Paul Sinacore Casting LLC Launches Focusing on Diversity, Inclusion as Hollywood Opens Up to Real People

LOS ANGELES - An expert on real people casting and ethnographic person-centered interviewing, Paul Sinacore brings his background as a visual anthropologist and ethnographer to his unique brand focusing on the critical issues of diversity and inclusion connecting directors to talent in the ever changing commercial entertainment market. With past success in commercials (Apple, Nike, Facebook, Macy's, McDonald's, Budweiser), music videos (Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé, Madonna, Lil' Nas X) current television (In Ice Cold Blood with Ice-T for Oxygen, Unsolved Mysteries for Netflix) and documentary film shorts (with Academy Award winning directors, Errol Morris and Emmanuel "Chivo" Lubezki), Paul Sinacore Casting is aligned with the racial and diverse reckoning currently happening across the board in Hollywood as the industry continues to hire and foster more inclusive sets and writer's rooms. Read More

Singer, Songwriter Impresario Releases 'Deliberately Constructed Moments'

Record # 3 Recorded During Quarantine Available On All Streaming Platforms

LOS ANGELES - As a follow up to 'Songs From Inside' and 'All of Us', Impresario winds up his year long quarantined LP songwriting blitz with 'Deliberately Constructed Moments' (DCM), written between November 2020-June 2021. An opera singer by trade, Impresario aka Valerian Ruminski faced a total shutdown of live performing arts along with millions of out of work artists during the year long shutdown. Read More

Walker Entertainer Academy Presents Indigenous Film Retreats (IFR) Oct 9th-11th

LOS ANGELES - Walker Entertainer Academy presents the live, in-person annual Indigenous Film Retreats (IFR) honoring Indigenous Peoples' Holiday weekend October 9th-11th, 2021 at the Residence Inn by Marriott, 9299 Haven Avenue, Rancho Cucamonga, CA. In-person short film marketing retreat highlights the exploration of Independent Short Film through screenings and workshops. Free admission requires proof of Covid-19 vaccination and physical distancing. Sponsored by Total Sanitizer. Read More

Paul Sinacore Casting Shines Spotlight On "Friends: The Reunion" as Diversity Backlash Continues

LOS ANGELES - The diversity issue continues to swirl around Friends: The Reunion for missing the mark on inclusion. (Hollywood Reporter: "'Friends' Creators on Creative Regrets and Biggest Reunion Reveals: It Was a Very Hot Topic on the Set", May 27th"). Socially constructed through the Western lens of Whiteness, Friends fostered empathy on a global scale. An all White cast, with few Black guests, none invited to The Reunion. Paul Sinacore weighs in. Read More

Metropolitan Opera Singer Releases Pop Music Videos From Quarantine

LOS ANGELES - Under extended lockdown, Impresario will release his second quarantined LP of songs with 'All of Us' on all streaming platforms including Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Pandora and iHeart Radio October 31st. Written, performed and recorded between May-Sept 2020 during the Covid-19 quarantine, singer and musician Valerian Ruminski follows up quarantined LP #1, 'Songs From Inside' with quarantined Pop Music Record #2 'All of Us'.

Read More

Opera Singer Goes Pop/Rock/Techno During Quarantine as Impresario-Releases 'Songs From Inside'

LOS ANGELES - Opera singer goes pop as Impresario with 'Songs From Inside' available June 13th on all streaming platforms including Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Pandora and iHeart Radio. Written, performed and recorded between March and May 2020 during the Covid-19 quarantine, singer and musician Valerian Ruminski dives into the pop/rock/techno worlds with the wonders of GarageBand allowing him to record solo. A potpourri of themes including pop rock, comedy, christian, political and a rare track you will never hear on a pop record. Influenced by groove based rock from Pink Floyd, Rush, ELO to pop Simply Red and Annie Lennox, fav vocalist Darryl Hall from Hall & Oats to the layered songs of Art of Noise, Trevor Horn and Vangelis. 'Song From Inside' is a culmination of a musician's life from choir boy to pop singer to an international opera career. In quarantine. Read More

TV & Film Composer Kim Planert Releases SKYLIGHT - Notes From A Logbook

LOS ANGELES - Award winning TV and Film composer, Kim Planert (Castle, Missing, Skid Row Marathon) releases his first solo album SKYLIGHT inspired by his love for wingsuiting and skydiving. An ambient, spiritual hybrid sound mixing orchestra with synthesizer, SKYLIGHT is melodic string lines reminiscent of Elgar with the minimalism and emotional depth of Craig Armstrong and Michael Nyman. Combined with the cutting edge synth programing of Daft Punk and epic synth pad's a la Vangelis, SKYLIGHT bridges the gap between song and film music. Read More

"BOXING: Essential Skills" by Coach Dean Eoannou & Eugene B. Kern, MD Now Available on Amazon

LOS ANGELES - Coach Dean Eoannou and University at Buffalo Professor Dr. Eugene Kern teamed up for Boxing: Essential Skills. A comprehensive instructional manual on the building blocks of boxing, how to become an accomplished boxer and the sport for fitness. Technical patent writer, Steven Keough and Photographer & Videographer Mark Murphy also contributed. Originally published in 2014, Boxing: Essential Skills is now available at Amazon books. Read More

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